Ecumenical 1World-Group in Erbstromtal valley (Germany)
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Yes, I would like to help towards the cost of a student's education in Rwanda whom the Ecumenical 1World-Group cares for.

Please, tick where appropriate!
I choose to take over a sponsorship for a child from primary level
I choose to take over a sponsorship for a child from secondary level

I choose to contribute to the compensation fund*** of the sponsorship program with a donation of
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     £  or
     (any amount possible)

***(This fund provides additional monies for special needs up and above the foster program. For example, some of the foster children are encumbered with a physical handicap where an operation would greatly diminish their difficulty. This fund is used for the unforeseen emergency of the foster child or a family member. The special compensation fund offers those who can not or choose not to support an individual child, the opportunity to submit a donation of universal support for the benefit of all children in the program.

We are an institution (for example a school or a company) and want to support the project regularly. Please contact us.

I wish to keep my donation information private
Please, send a receipt to me

(Please, note your postal adress if you want us to send you a receipt! We never share your personal information with third parties! We only use it internally. Tax deductible receipts can made out by the Protestant Church Congregation of Ruhla for german citizens only.
US-citizens! In case you wish to get a tax deductible receipt you can send your donation to: Evangelical United Church of Christ, 205 South 10th St., Marysville, KS 66508, MEMO: Rwanda educational sponsorship)

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