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Picked up – This is also daily bread


This is also daily bread:

the butterfly on flowering bushes;
the view to the distant peaks;
the bouquet of flowers, passed over the garden fence;
the song of the blackbird in the evening;
the wave from a passing car;
the scent of a pine tree at the edge of the forest;
the modest flute playing of a child;
the tail-waving of our dog;
the daisy in his hand;
the sound of bells over old roofs;
the delicate veil of a radiant bride;
the mosquito dance after a rain;
the minute contemplation in front of a crossroads;
the humming of a nectar-seeking bumblebee;
the wrinkled, friendly face of an old woman;
the secret shame of a lie;
the sunbeam on the coverlet.
Lord, give us this daily bread today
and tomorrow also our children.


Walter Frenzel