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Pantokrator - Silk Icon by von Michaela Eger, Karlsruhe
Pantokrator - Silk Icon
by Michaela Eger, Karlsruhe
Luke - Silk Icon by von Michaela Eger, Karlsruhe
Luke - Luka
Silk Icon
(Michaela Eger, Karlsruhe)
Madonna of Kazan
Madonna of Kazan
by Michaela Eger
Madonna (Silk- Icon)
by Michaela Eger
Puits statue 'Sperlings-Ida' in Stendal
Puits statue "Sperlings-Ida"
Statua buona
in Stendal
Puits statue 'Kalte Hedwig' in Hohenstein-Ernstthal
Puits statue "Kalte Hedwig"
Statua buona
in Hohenstein-Ernstthal
Statue of Mary Magdalene
at the west front of the
Lanercost Priory Church (England)
Ethiopian wooden cross
Ethiopian wooden cross

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