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Concerts in the Church St. Concordia, Ruhla (Germany)


The Wonder of a Winter's Night 

Harp magic, shepherd's flute and song and from a millennium for Advent


St. Concordia Church Ruhla, Saturday, 17.12.2022, 7.30 p.m.


Sabine Lindner, Erfurt
Singing; harps; kantele; portativ; glockenspiel,
Dominik Schneider, Essen
flutes, quinterne, vocals





In contrast to our consumer-oriented pre-Christmas season, the people of past centuries approached the mystery of the nativity scene mindfully and in silence.

The Advent carols of the centuries are resounding witnesses of great reverence and anticipation and lead us into silence in the midst of our busy days.

In addition to German Advent and Christmas carols, the concert will feature Christmas carols from Ireland and England accompanied by harp.

Spanish Cantigas and Italian Laudi sing of the glory of the heavens and peace on earth.

The Gregorian chant and the antiphons of St. Hildegard of Bingen sing of the holy time of waiting for the Christ Child in a particularly deeply moving way.

Music is a bridge between times, and so songs from the present day, including some from the choir's own pen, are also heard. They make it audible that what inspired poets and singers to write their lyrics and melodies in the past, still moves people's hearts today...


The musical pieces are framed by stories about their origins, Christmas traditions and their own thoughts.

Free admission. We would be delighted if you would support our church music work with your donation.