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18./19. Century

The Angle Church St. Concordia (built in the years 1660 – 1662)

“O LORD, I love the habitation of thy house, and the place where thy glory dwells”
(Psalms 26, 8)


1694-1718: Jacob Bach (*1655 in Wolfs- behringen), a grand grand cousin of Johann Sebastian Bach, is the church musician. He died in Ruhla.


1696/97: To the Southern wing four galleries and a choir were added and the organ was renovated and installed there. - Cost: 534 Talers.


1708: Benches were added to the Western Wing that so far had only had galleries for men. The benches were called "Weiberstühle" ("female chairs") and accordingly the church was now divided into the "old Weiberchurch" and the "new Weiberchurch".


Around 1730: Expansion of the space around the altar. Addition af another gallery in the Western wing. New painting of the interior. Cost: 615 Talers.

Fenster geburt Jesus

20 September 1761: The 100th anniversary is celebrated with a service and a procession; money gifts are given to school children and poor members of the congregation.

1840: Renewal of the choir seats and the princely honours chair, new painting of the church. Cost: 1900 Talers.

1851/52 and 1856: Renewal of the floor and the seats of the church.

1857: Installation of a new organ. The cost of 2200 Talers was paid by the (political) congregation of Ruhla WA.

25/26 September 1861: The 200th anniversary is celebrated. The church receives the gift of a clock for the spire, paid for by donations. It was restored few times and was only replaced by a radio-operated clock in 1992.

1880: The manufacturer Ottokar Ziegler donates two stained glass windows for the space around the Altar.

Note: Thanks to Helene Pawlitzki for doing the english translation!



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